Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

the sheffield Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

The Sheffield Outdoor Pizza Oven kit Is great for outdoor installation but can be installed indoors as well

The design of The Sheffield Woodfired oven is the result of almost 20 years of working with woodfired ovens for our outside catering company. We have worked on all aspects from ease of assembly, lighting, maintenance and evenness of cooking temperature and versatility of overall look.

If you are cooking pizzas commercially for your customers and are wanting to install a woodfired oven either outside or in your kitchen, then we are certain that The Sheffield will be the ideal solution for you, at a price that will pay you back in no time. The Sheffield comes with full assembly instructions and with all the necessary parts. Once installed it will give you one of the most robust woodfired ovens available – built with fine al fresco cooking in mind.

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Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

Inside all our wood fired ovens is the beehive oven that has been perfected in Portugal by our family run partners. The oven kit comes with everything you need for easy self-assembly including fire wool, fire board, chimney and cowl.

Easy Self-assembly including Fire Wool, Fire Board, Chimney and Cowl
2 sizes available: 1m internal or 1.2m internal cooking area

all ovens INCLUDE

  • Oven Temperature Gauge
  • Log Mover
  • Ash Tool
  • Brush
  • Pizza Paddle
  • Perfect for Pizzas, Meat, Fish and Vegetables. Creative chefs will love using these ovens

The Sheffield Woodfired Oven can be fitted with gas element if required

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Looking for a Portable, Ready Assembled Woodfired Oven Kit?

If you’re looking for a woodfired pizza oven which is ready assembled and can be used immediately on delivery take as look at our Pro Oven.

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