Make a Profit with your Woodfired Oven
in Less then Two Weeks

Your Woodfired Oven Payback

To help you understand what great value our woodfired ovens are, we have done some of the sums for you and created a downloadable infographic showing how it works.

We have four oven sizes; 94cm, 104cm, 114cm and 124cm (we can go bigger). Obvioulsy the pay back time will depend on which size you choose as this will not only determine the initial layout but also how many pizzas you can cook at one time. The illustration below is based on our popular 104cm size.

The Pay back formula

We have worked on a formaula for how quickly you will see a return on your woodfired oven investment as follows:

Cost of the Oven ÷ (profit per pizza x number of pizzas per session)

We are assuming the following:
profit per pizza £8  | number of pizzas per session 30

Based on our 104cm oven:
30 x 8 = £240

Cost of the Oven (ex-vat) £3100
£3100 ÷ £240 = 13 sessions to profit

The Pay back Inforgraphic