Woodfired White Pizza recipe

Woodfired White Pizza


Back in the 1980s I used to work as a chef in the French Alps Val d’Isere was my home for many ski seasons. It was here that I discovered the white pizza or, as it is called in the bar restaurant L’Alsace that still make them to this day, Tart Flambé. As yummy today as they were 30 years ago. I’ve added parmesan, rocket and black truffle oils as things have moved on over the years but to be fair its delicious fresh from the oven with no added extras.

Makes 5/6 Pizzas

  • 1 kg pizza dough
  • 250 g mascarpone
  • 150 g creme fraiche
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 60 g parmesan shavings (Use a potato peeler for this) the bought version from supermarkets are just to chunky
  • 200 g smoked rindless streaky bacon, finely sliced
  • small bunch thyme, picked or if soft chopped including stems
  • 1 red onion, peeled and cut in to fine slithers
  • Salt & black pepper
  • For the garnish on top of the pizza
  • 60 g Parmesan shavings
  • 1 Bag rocket
  • A bottle of black truffle oil
  • Mix the mascarpone, creme fraiche, egg yolk, thyme and seasoning together with a whisk

The Method

Roll out and stretch your pizza dough so you end up with a very thin base.

Sprinkle fine polenta on to your pizza peel ( this will act like bull-bearings when you go to slide your pizza off the peel in to your oven ) Don’t use excessive amounts of flour as this burns very fast on the oven base and makes your pizza base claggy.

With a table spoon scoop up two dollops of the creamy mixture and put it on the middle of your pizza dough, with the back of the spoon smooth out the mixture in a circular motion covering the dough as much as possible, leaving a small crust around the edge. You may need to add a little more creamy mix to the pizza if its looking a little short of topping but remember with pizzas less is more ! This is a very rich pizza.

Sprinkle a small hand full of the red onions and smoked bacon over the pizza top and season with salt and pepper.

Place 10 g parmesan on your pizza.

When cooked sprinkle a handful of rocket and parmesan shavings over the pizza and drizzle with black truffle oil.

Finally add a touch of rock salt and cracked black pepper. And there you have the Pizza Bianco. One of our favourites and we hope you’ll enjoy it too. For more Blistering Recipes, take a look at the website recipe page. Enjoy!