Commercial Woodfired Pizza Ovens
Commercial Woodfired Pizza Ovens
Commercial Woodfired Pizza Ovens
royal commercial woodfired oven
Commercial Woodfired Pizza Ovens

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Commercial & Restaurant Woodfired Pizza Ovens

 In a nutshell the cooking times got shorter so we were able to cook pizzas quicker and our wait times reduced dramatically.

Jonny Hewitt – Little Red Pizza Company
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We have 5 types of Pizza Ovens

As Featured on Celebrity Masterchef 2023

Commercial Woodfired Pizza Ovens

 – The Pro –

An excellent all-round commercial woodfired oven for all types of cooking

commercial woodfired pizza oven

The PRO is literally ‘oven ready’. It arrives ready assembled and mounted on a wheeled base so it is easy to manoeuvre into place. If you are looking for a ready-to-go woodfired restaurant pizza oven then this is the one for you. It comes in six sizes from 740cm internally to an impressive 1.24m. MORE »

 – The Pro Pizza –

Built with Pizzas in mind

Commercial Woodfired Pizza Ovens

A new addition to our range in September 2021. The Pro Pizza has all the great qualities of our other woodfired ovens but with a lower oven height and additional insulation, it is specifically designed for cooking the best pizzas. MORE »

 – The Virtus –

The all-rounder for the design conscience

the virtus outdoor pizza oven

The Virtus Outdoor Pizza Oven is a stylish pizza oven which will enhance any outdoor space.
It is supplied with a stand on wheels so it can be easily moved to whichever location you prefer. MORE »

 – The Royal –

Traditional mediterranean woodfired oven

The Royal Outdoor Pizza Oven

The Royal Pizza Oven is a classically designed outdoor woodfired pizza oven, with an exclusive cast-iron door and with a distinctive engineered cork finish. MORE »

 – The Sheffield –

Brick Built Pizza Oven

Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

Our Sheffield commercial woodfired pizza oven comes in an easy to assemble kit. Everything you will need is included. As such, the Sheffield is highly versatile and can be installed on a fixed plinth both inside and out and is often used for customers wanting to convert such things as horse-boxes, campers vans and Airstreams. The Sheffield comes in two sizes, 1m and 1.2m internally. MORE »


2 Pro Ovens with Gas Burners

Pizza Oven with gas burner special offer

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Infographic showing how a typical oven can generate a profit for you in around 2 weeks

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Lighting and Using
Your Woodfired Oven

Check out our infographic on how to light and use your woodfired oven

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Outdoor woodfired Pizza Ovens

Both Our PRO and Sheffield commercial woodfired pizza ovens a fully waterproof and can be left outside in all weathers. So if you’re looking to serve woodfired pizzas or indeed any dishes that can be cooked in a woodfired oven in your pub or restaurant garden please call us on 01825 714712 for a quotation.

Most importantly
Our Ovens won’t cost you the earth.

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I’ve really enjoyed this oven. I use it at least 3 times a week. It’s become a great addition to the Kingy family. If I’m not using it my sons are. Rock on, it’s a good’un. This is a great oven – the best pizzas this side of Naples!

DAVE & SI – The Hairy Bikers

Oven is going brilliantly well, cooking beautifully. At least 3 if not 4 pizzas at a time. Heat is great and pizzas looking fab.
The great thing is that my queue times have been drastically reduced so it doesn’t feel it’s that busy ! (So tick, tick and double tick!)

Jonny Hewitt

Our Woodfired Ovens – FAQs

Here you will find answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our woodfired ovens, where and how they can be used and their features and benefits.