outdoor pizza oven

Pro Woodfired Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Designed by a team who have been cooking with woodfired ovens commercially for over twenty years

Our outdoor pizza ovens are not just stock items, picked off the shelf from a wholesaler. What’s really different about the Pro Woodfired ovens is that they have been designed by us – a team who have been cooking with woodfired ovens commercially for over twenty years and then manufactured to our specifications in Portugal.

Radical Pizza Oven Design

We have used our experience to commission a completely radical design for an outdoor pizza oven. Using some of the latest cutting-edge materials and manufacturing techniques we have created ovens which are not only reasonably light weight but are up to an optimum cooking temperature of 350º in around twenty minutes. They also uses significantly less wood than other ovens both in achieving and maintaining cooking temperature.

The combination of all these high-tech elements and three years of development and testing have enabled Pro Woodfired Ovens to produce extremely safe, light and efficient pizza ovens, for both domestic and commercial use.

Outdoor pizza oven

The Pro

If you’re looking to get up and running with your oven right out of the box then The Pro is an ideal solution. It comes in 6 sizes starting from 740cm internal to a massive 1.24 metres internal cooking area – We can go bigger. Delivered ready assembled The Pro Outdoor Pizza Oven can be fired up and cooking not only pizzas but almost anything that you can cook in a conventional oven but with that essential wood-smoked twist.

Outdoor Pizza Oven Kit

The Sheffield

The Sheffield is delivered as a kit and is the perfect solution if you are looking to have a more permanent home for your outdoor pizza oven. It comes with all the parts you need and is easy to assemble with two sizes available; either 1m or 1.2m internal cooking area.

We’d love to talk to you about how one of our woodfired ovens could help you in your business. Not only do we have several years’ experience ourselves of using both woodfired ovens and barbecues on a commercial scale but we believe that, between the two ovens we offer, there’s no woodfired cooking problem that we can’t solve!

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