How to Light a Woodfired Oven

Our ovens have been designed by our CEO & Founder Tim Reeves who has been cooking professionally with woodfired ovens for over 20 years. Tim’s experience has led to the creation of ovens that are easy to light, reach an ideal cooking temperature of 400- 450ºC in around 30-40 minutes and then maintain heat without burning through stacks of fuel.

The other great advantage of the ovens is that all are fitted with lockable wheels meaning they can easily be manoeuvered into position – ideal in situations where the cooking area is not secure or perhaps in times of inclement weather when you might want to cook under a shelter. (Nb – our ovens are fully waterproof).

Here’s how to light your oven

  1. Always use non-chemical fightlighters to avoid tainting
    your food
  2. Build a small pyramid of kindling and light.
    Add the best quality kiln-dried logs. Start the fire in the centre of the oven for pizzas and to the back or side for meats
  3. An ideal cooking temperature of between 400º and 450º can be achived in approximately
    30-40 minutes
  4. Perfect pizzas every time!

Lighting your woodfired oven – infographic